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Empowering Human Potential with  Digital Communications and Entrepreneurism

     By Romualdas Stanenas

                      Teacher/Special Projects Manager               Washington HS of Information Technology  

      I am interested in sharing a belief and creating  collaborative networking similar to www.ted.com

enhancing the Milwaukee business community and  schools.

    Therefore I would like your feedback on the concept proposal to become successful implementing the concept.

You will have an opportunity to review and  perhaps  implement something similar in your community and create a

surge of entrepreneur developments with your community schools.

      This fall ABC launched an Entrepreneur show called “Shark Tank”, similar to  American Idol and Dragons Den,

identifying the Entrepreneurs that could be funded.  The investors are looking to increase their success

and assist the Entrepreneur become successful impacting society with a service or product.

      I believe Milwaukee has the infrastructure and people to produce new businesses and jobs for all sectors

of society. There is a need to facilitate additional avenues of creating Entrepreneurial education and opportunities.

      This is the spirit of how America has built itself with  Entrepreneurism, servicing society.

     Review below what Kalamazoo, Michigan, Social Entrepreneurs did for it’s community. Free Higher Education!


Coming Soon: Milwaukee enhancing digital journalism communities and entrepreneurism.

     First Project: Milwaukee is preparing to launch a Milwaukee Entrepreneur Web TV Show with a consortium

of businesses and Universities. The goal is to mentor and financially support an entrepreneur per week.

    Second Project: Milwaukee is preparing to design a Mobile Educational Technology Journalism Team of k-16

students and community Discovering  Local and Global Entrepreneurs educating and broadcasting the stories.

Model to review: “Teen Kids News” on Channel 12 (WISN) Sundays 10:30 a.m. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Click the link to see the reality. http://www.teenkidsnews.com

Imagine hiring all the University and Technical College students part time to mentor the Milwaukee area schools to

interview and broadcast all the entrepreneur businesses and organizations locally and globally via web tv.,

youtube, cable, satellite, podcast/radio, digital magazine/newspaper, and cell phones.

Milwaukee designs the alignment of Human Resources to: Focus; Develop Direction; and Create the Future.

Designing Human Infrastructure for; Mentorship, Career Exploration, Digital Journalism, and Entrepreneurism

Mobile Global Learning Technologies facilitating integrated educational curriculum with society.


Learning accompanies its owner everywhere

Global Learning